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Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery

Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery: Expressive Imagery of Children’s Experience of Divorce

Welcome to the Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery!

As goes the Chinese proverb, “A picture is worth ten thousand words.”  Listen as our young artists speak:

World War III


A 12-year-old girl describes in symbols what it feels like when her parents fight. Do you see her? She kneels on the stairs and is overcome with tears (that fall below) as she overhears her mother’s and father’s battle.

In the thought balloon, she cries “Shutup! Quit fighting!” The crossed-out heart represents the loss of love in her world, with her family’s conflict feeling like a new World War. The purple writing says, “There’s always two sides of a story!” revealing that this child feels like she has to be the mediator when her parents fight.

 Lizzy, age 12
client of Boulder, Colorado, art therapist Sue Wallingford



A 10-year-old boy portrays the bewilderment and torn allegiances he feels in the midst of his parents’ divorce.

A painful choice — his mother draws him to the left fork of the road, his father to the right fork of the road. What should he do?

He explains:
“This is what divorce sometimes seems like to me. Sometimes I am on the road I don’t want to be on. Sometimes I can’t decide which road to go on. At times, I get confused!”

Two Sisters


A 7-year-old girl shares her paralysis with her family’s breakup | divorce. In a mixed collage of watercolors and crayon, she asks — and at the same time declares: “I do not know what to do?”

Her world is flooded by the sun’s tears which envelop her and forge a puddle at her feet. Two hearts hover over it all and she feels separation and loss with especially one of those hearts.

 Sydney, age 7
Ft. Wayne, Indiana


Her 4-year-old sister, with crayons only, more simply shows a sad face with tears streaming over one side of her face, and perhaps a smiley face still in the picture on the other side.

 Ashley, age 4
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Kids, we’d be honored if you join us, by allowing us to display your divorce art in our gallery. Parents, art teachers, art therapists, educators and counselors — we’d appreciate your spreading the word about the Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery as well!

Here’s more art gallery info and how to submit your divorce art to us.

Note: Pursuant to our site’s copyright notice, no gallery images may be reproduced in any fashion, without our written consent.

Other Special Children’s Divorce Art

My Comets On Divorce

Comets on Divorce - child's illustrated commentary on divorce (a kid's view)

For a truly wonderful illustrated commentary by another child of divorce, also consider the insightful “My Comets (a teeny misspelling, actually referring to ‘Comments’) on Divorce” by Andria Kobus.

Hosted on the website of Rainbows (an international organization providing a bridge to emotional healing for children confronting divorce or other painful family transitions), Andria offers five compelling images and accompanying truths from her world of divorce. Separate artwork with heartfelt advice speak to: 1) not blaming yourself, 2) praying to god and going to your room when parents fight, 3) the annoying different rules of two parents’ separate homes, 4) the horrible conflict when your friends are doing something better than your dad has planned, and 5) some thoughts about those pesky new strangers in the new divorce world: stepparents.)

“How can we help?”