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We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you and your spouse, former spouse or co-parent.

We would very much appreciate learning from you how we did!  Our present approach includes the invaluable lessons learned from thirteen years of listening to our clients. Many of our potential clients tell us they also benefit from our former clients' comments.

Of course, we welcome positive experiences and learning of what we did especially well. But we also wish to hear of how we can improve future clients’ experience with us in the family or divorce mediation process.

Client Feedback Form


What kind of family matter did you mediate with us?


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How many sessions did your case require (including your final session to review any documents, if applicable)?

Choosing To Work With Us

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Rate the following, as to their importance in your decision to mediate your divorce or family matter with us:

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Website, Special Tools & Technology

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Costs and Satisfactionn

Describe your opinion of the costs of mediating your divorce or family matter with us?

What is your opinion of how these costs of mediation would compare with using only attorneys to resolve your divorce or family matter?

Describe your overall level of satisfaction with mediating your divorce or family matter with us?

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What You Would Tell Others
About Your Mediation Experience With Us

How did you find the process of mediation, as a means of resolving your divorce, separation or parenting dispute issues? (Enter your comments in the space provided below:)

What was your impression of your mediator's knowledge, skill, neutrality and manner, in assisting you in this case? (Enter your comments in the space provided below:)

What was your  overall experience, with Divorce Resolutions®' process and with Larry or Chris as your mediator? (Enter your comments in the space provided below:)

What recommendations would you make for others considering mediation as an alternative to the traditional approach? (Enter your comments in the space provided below:)

Other comments? (Enter these in the space provided below:)

Who You Are

Please share your identity with us, and optionally, remind us how to contact you if we have questions, or for further information:

I'd appreciate someone contacting me personally about my experience in mediation with Divorce Resolutions®.

Unless you prefer otherwise, we may post some of your comments in the “What Our Clients Say” column of our website. We will use only your initials or (with longer comments posted at Our Clients’ Experiences page) your first name and last initial to authenticate your comments to our potential clients and site visitors.

Thank you greatly for sharing your impressions and comments!


Larry (Lawrence F. King, J.D.)
Colorado Professional Divorce and Family Mediator

Divorce Resolutions®, LLC
Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation™


Colorado divorce, Colorado family law and Colorado mediation planning tools, Colorado divorce forms and Divorce Resolutions® contact information.
“Given the emotionally charged subject matter, the environment and atmosphere in our mediation with Divorce Resolutions® felt surprisingly comfortable and safe. It became more like a private business meeting than a cold gathering of adversaries.”
- R.M.

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