2007 Updates To Technology And Continued Innovation
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Denver Divorce Mediators Update Technology To Continue Innovation Of The Family And Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce Resolutions’s Substantial Office Technology Updates In 2007!

“When you’re through changing . . . you’re through!”
– William Safire (Pulitzer Prize winning columnist)

Consistent with our commitment to remain Denver and Colorado’s premier divorce mediators and to better serve our clients, we continue to innovate and evolve our tools and mediation process.

Dedicated Server Established

In 2007, we replaced our conventional peer-to-peer network with a dedicated and powerful Intel Quad-Core Xeon processor-based server running Microsoft Small Business Server.

This new network structure enhances our system reliability, office security and data backup’s integrity. It also allows our staff’s 24-hour online access to essential data, by means of an encrypted VPN, or virtual private network.

All Staff Computer Workstations Replaced, With Client‐Side Docking And Multimonitor Support

Denver mediators technology client table

Additionally, all office workstation computers were replaced with the latest hardware.

Our mediators now use Dell’s most powerful mobile workstations, Dell’s Precision laptops. These dock at both the client mediation tables (connecting to 37″ large screen LCD displays for collaborative real-time work with clients, using our specialized tools) and mediator desks.

Denver divorce mediators technology desk

To enhance our efficiency when drafting or managing nonclient- present tasks, our mediators’ desks (with expansion station docks) and our client services coordinator Judy’s desktop (also a Dell Precision) now use newly acquired-in-2007 dual, side-by-side, monitor displays.

Migration To Latest Vista Ultimate Operating System & Microsoft Office 2007 (Application Suite)

Finally, in 2007, also acquired and now uses the latest and most powerful and full-featured version of Microsoft’s operating system (Windows Vista Ultimate) and office application suite (Microsoft Office 2007)

We continue to adapt our custom software tools styled in these applications, to the practical needs of clients working with us in mediation of their divorce.

Planned Future Innovation

As we have from the inception of our business, we continue at Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation to seek out other fresh approaches and innovative practices — in our mission, as professional mediators, of easing the challenges of divorce and separation.

Denver divorce mediators technology use Powerpoint in client education.

In 2008, we plan continued evolution of our custom tools in this regard, including expansion of the scope of our client education through Powerpoint presentations. (These address key issues in the Colorado divorce court process and our work as Colorado and Denver divorce mediators.)

(See also our website’s article on Colorado Divorce Mediators’ Innovation With Technology for details of our groundbreaking acquisition in 2006 of large LCD television displays.)

To learn more about our collective and individual professional mediator backgrounds, and to find out if might be an appropriate choice for you and your family — consider the Why Choose Us, and Meet Our Mediators sections of our website. These include Larry and Chris’ individual Denver mediator profiles.

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