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Colorado Divorce Mediation and Divorce Resources Guide - Colorado Mediators' Website

Colorado alpine landscape, as photographed by Bob Reed - Guide to Colorado Divorce MediationWe offer the following Guide as a road map through our award-winning Colorado divorce and Colorado mediation website  — with its information and help for your divorce, family or parenting dispute. You can review the whole territory, and decide which stops you might find interesting!



the Latest!
   Colorado Divorce Law Information & Mediation News


Here, you’ll find the latest news and information regarding changes in Colorado divorce law and other topics of interest to parties considering mediation of their Colorado divorce. Selected as a “Colorado Guide Pick” by an independent Divorce Support Guide.

Consider the latest changes in Colorado's statewide mediators' organization (2011), in court fees to file for divorce, legal separation and parenting modification in Colorado (2009), Colorado's child support laws (2008),  financial statement forms (as simplified and revised in 2006), and the  sweeping 2005 changes to Colorado divorce law, process and forms — including the requirement of status conferences and of more detailed financial disclosures. Learn of the latest research demonstrating persistent benefits of divorce mediation for families. Consider the new and improved Financial Affidavit form. How have budget constraints delayed Colorado divorce and family court access? What is “Colorado professional mediator” status? What about changes in filing fees for Colorado couples filing for divorce or legal separation? How have the laws of Colorado divorce regarding child support and temporary spousal support (“maintenance,” or “alimony”) recently changed? How can the timing of year-end divorces sometimes save substantial money? How does the new child tax credit work with divorced parents (who qualifies, who gets the check, what about conflicts with agreements or orders before the new federal tax law?)

Learn also of our site’s unique resources to help you consider issues of parental responsibility (formerly called “child custody”) and timesharing (formerly called “visitation”), and to locate on-line Colorado divorce statutes of relevance to your Colorado divorce.

Colorado Mediation Association Rebrands

Colorado Divorce 2009 Filing Fees Increase


Colorado Child Support Law Changes of 2008


Sworn Financial Statement:  2006 Simplified Divorce Forms


Colorado Divorce Law, Process and Forms:
2005 Changes

Free Credit Report Valuable at Divorce!


Research: Divorce Mediation's Benefits


Colorado Kids' Divorce Art Gallery Opens


Colorado Divorce Forms and Process Changes


Colorado Child Support Law Changes


Funding Cuts Delay Colorado Divorce and Family Court Access!


Colorado's New Professional Mediator Status

Colorado Divorce Filing Fees Increase - see 2009 update article above


Colorado Divorce Law (Statutes) Now On-Line


Timing of Colorado Divorce & Saving Taxes


Child Tax Credit Cash


New Colorado Maintenance Law


Divorce Researcher's Child Custody Plan Options


Site's “Best of Net” Divorce Content & Design Awards

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?


Why divorce mediation can be a powerful choice, with lasting benefits to your family. Should you consider an approach that is: empowering and comfortable in style, cost-effective, preserving of control over your family’s decisions, allowing for child-focused or otherwise satisfying solutions, and all in a confidential environment respecting of your privacy?


Research re Divorce Mediation

    We detail studies demonstrating that modest time and involvement in family or divorce mediation yield astonishing long-term benefits for children and families of divorce.

Why Choose Divorce Resolutions®?


Why choose us, at Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation™, to assist you in your Colorado divorce, parenting or custody, or child support/spousal maintenance matter? Consider our divorce mediators’ professional backgrounds, commitment to the latest tools in making your divorce with us efficient and affordable, and our thirteen years in developing a friendly, straightforward process leading to our clients’ high satisfaction.


Our Clients' Divorce Mediation Experiences


Our clients describe their experience of working with us in our Colorado divorce mediation process.


Our Innovative Use of Large Flat Panel Television Displays in Mediation


We detail how the power of visuals enhance your collaborative divorce planning process.


Denver Mediators' 2007 Technology Updates Continue Refinements in Family Mediation Process


New powerful workstations, a dedicated server, multi-monitor support and the latest operating system and office applications enhance your satisfaction with our ever-evolving approach to mediation of your divorce.

Meet Our Divorce Mediators Team


Meet Larry, our full-time lawyer / trained Colorado mediation specialist. Learn of his professional credentialing and special background, including Colorado Council of Mediators’ "Guidelines-Qualified" status as Colorado divorce and family mediators. And find out about our wonderful assistant, Val!


Lawrence F. King, J.D.


Learn of Larry’s professional background as a former trial attorney, part-time judge, divorce lawyer, and — in the mediation professional community — of his recognition as an innovator in divorce and family mediation practice. Hear what former clients, and a referring divorce lawyer have to say about working with Larry, and Larry’s own comments about his approach to divorce mediation.


Our Client Services Coordinator, Val


Learn about Val, our terrific client services coordinator!

How You Work With Us -
   A Tour of Our Divorce Mediation Process


Here, we guide you through a tour of our mediation process, and describe how we move you efficiently through resolution of your Colorado divorce, or your parenting (custody) or support (child support or maintenance) matter.




Our fees: no monies in advance, but rather, paid only as you work with us. We discuss our hourly rate and the typical time spent in mediation of a Colorado divorce, and factors influencing fees in your case.


Office Locations


Our locations: addresses, driving directions from different parts of metropolitan Denver, and, of course, maps.


iDivorce™ — Mediation Wherever You Live or Work


Our innovative new approach to comprehensive divorce and family mediation from you home or office, wherever you live or work!

Questions & Myths
   About Colorado Family Law & Divorce Mediation


Another independent web reviewer’s “Colorado Pick,” this section of our site addresses common issues about the process of divorce mediation and related Colorado family law concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions


We address prospective clients’ frequently asked questions about divorce mediation, especially as related to Colorado divorces.


Mediation Myths


We dispel some common erroneous beliefs about divorce mediation and especially in the context of Colorado divorce law.


Choosing a Divorce Mediator


Four important questions to consider in selecting a family / divorce mediator, for your family's divorce.

For Your Family — Special Divorce & Parenting Resources


Our special resources for your family’s managing divorce or separation’s challenges.


Parenting During Divorce Information


Current divorce research information and suggestions for parenting at the time of divorce and separation.


Parenting After Divorce Information


Current divorce research information and suggestions for parenting following the time of divorce and separation.


Recommended Books


Books we recommend related to divorce’s challenges, especially as relevant to Colorado divorcing or separated partners or parents. Includes several resource materials especially favored by Colorado divorce professionals.


Recommended Video Tapes


Videotapes we recommend related to divorce mediation or concerning divorce’s challenges, especially as they impact children.


Recommended Support Groups


Divorce support group resources to assist in the challenges of transitioning from coupled to single status.


Recommended Divorce & Parenting Education Classes, & Providers


Divorce and parenting education — Colorado's law, court requirements, and recommended programs & providers for classes or on-line coursework.


Recommended On-Line Resources


On-line resources we recommend related to divorce, especially for parents.


Child Custody Parenting Plan Options
   for Families of Divorce & Separation


Chosen as “Best of the Net,” this section of our website presents pre-eminent divorce researcher Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.’s Child Custody Parenting Plan Options (for Children of School Age). Dr. Kelly details eight child custody parenting time options for children of divorced or separated parents, and considers each in the light of current clinical wisdom. Each option is illustrated by a graphic. A highly formatted version of these Options may be printed for future discussions by parents in mediation.


Child Custody Alternative Schedules (Children of All Ages), by Parents' Divorce Style


A web exclusive, we host renowned family, child custody and divorce mediator, clinician, and educator Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.'s alternative child custody plans and parenting time schedules. These are for children of all ages, as suggested for differing parents' divorce styles.

Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery - Expressive Imagery of Children’s Experience of Divorce


Children’s powerful and illuminating artwork depicts their experience of divorce.


Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery

(Divorce and Mediation) Tools & Forms


Special tools and Colorado divorce forms for Colorado divorcing parties, or never married parents.


Topics Lists


Lists of topics and issues parties with Colorado divorce or paternity issues may find useful in preparing for mediation or court.


Helpful Information to Assemble Lists


Lists of information helpful to assemble for parties preparing for discussions with their spouse, former spouse or co-parent, or for mediation or court. After divorce child and spousal support (maintenance) modification as well as Colorado divorce-related.


Free Colorado Court (Divorce Related) Forms


Easy access to the principal Colorado divorce forms with a brief description of how they are ordinarily used.


Colorado Divorce Forms

We offer in two formats, the principal Colorado divorce forms.


Colorado Paternity Forms


We offer in two formats, several Colorado paternity forms, along with an informational brochure.


Colorado Child Support Worksheets and Colorado Child Support Calculator


We offer in two formats, the Colorado Child Support Worksheets, and the official calculator for support as provided by the Colorado Child Support Guidelines.


Instructions on Using New Fillable Colorado Financial Affidavit (Divorce Form)

Spotlight:  Featured Denver and Colorado Law or Mediation Topic
We discuss a featured topic regarding legal issues or of the divorce and family mediation process in Colorado.


Legal Separation and Dissolution of Marriage in Colorado


Colorado legal separation and dissolution of marriage:  the similarities and differences of these decrees, and the process to obtain them.


Visitation and Custody Relocation Laws of Colorado


When parents desire to move and relocate their home (including out-of-state):  Colorado laws regarding custody and visitation relocation.


Confidentiality of Divorce Mediation in Colorado


We detail how confidentiality is assured by Colorado laws and mediator ethics codes.


Colorado Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators


Code of Professional Conduct for Mediators


Divorce in Denver Magazine - Law, Family & Parenting Articles


Our divorce law, family & parenting articles as featured in Divorce in Denver Magazine.


Converting A Colorado Decree of Legal Separation:  A Divorce Form “How To” Guide


We explain three steps to converting a legal separation to a final divorce.

Divorce Lawyers & Paralegals' Resources
Articles and tools of special interest to Colorado divorce lawyers and paralegals.


An Overview of Divorce Mediation for Family Law Paralegals


The mediation process, and the special opportunities for family law paralegals to position it for success.


Preparing for a Successful Divorce Mediation: A Family Lawyer (and Paralegal)’s Guide


Our “Top 10 Suggestions List” for successfully preparing for a divorce mediation.


Mediation Preparation Outline & Critical Checklist for Family Law Lawyers & Paralegals


A downloadable critical checklist for effective preparation for family law mediation.


Should You Stay, or Should You Go? The Role of Family Law Counsel in Attending and Shaping the Divorce Mediation Process

Lawyers' challenging divorce mediation process issue.

Blogs: Our Web Logs
We post our thoughts and opinions on topics of the day!


Colorado DivorcePoint! Divorce Law Blog


Colorado divorce law, family mediation & parenting topics blog, including reviews of divorce-related books, movies and creative divorce settlement options.


Familycraft Mediation Practice Blog


Musings on the private practice of family mediation.

Family Mediator Practice Resources
Resources for family mediators attending our workshop on “Turbocharging Your Family Mediation Practice.” ACR conference, Cape Cod, 2006.


Contact Us
   Further Information re Our Divorce Mediation Services


We welcome your inquiries for further information regarding our Colorado divorce mediation services.




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Client Resources


Special resources for our clients.


New Client & Mediation Preparation Help


Special welcome, on-topic information and Colorado divorce-related forms for our new mediation clients.


Colorado Divorce (No Minor Children) New Client Information & Materials


Colorado Divorce (Minor Children) New Client Information & Materials


Colorado Paternity (Parents Not Married) New Client Information & Materials


Colorado Child Support Modification New Client Information & Materials


Colorado Maintenance (Alimony) Modification New Client Information & Materials


Client Payments


Secure on-line credit card payments.


Client Feedback


Easy access for clients to forward comments regarding their divorce mediation experience with us.




Soon to be launched, our mediation clients' individual / family web page, for secure communications.

We hope our Guide to Colorado Divorce Mediation has provided you valuable information and help!

Colorado divorce, Colorado family law and Colorado mediation planning tools, Colorado divorce forms and Divorce Resolutions® contact information.
“I am most impressed at the speed that all my concerns and questions were thoroughly answered by you, and by your staff, whether by E-mail, phone or in our mediation. We reached a fair agreement in our divorce even with the more complex planning concerns posed by our home''s refinancing and state retirement issues. You did a great job!”
- T.H.

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