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Using New Colorado Divorce Forms

Using the New Fillable Colorado
Affidavit With Respect To Financial Affairs

New Colorado Financial Affidavit Described

Please Note:  Consider our article on the significant 2005 changes in Colorado divorce law, process and forms, which include the revised, more comprehensive form of Colorado Financial Affidavit.  For further details about this form, review our article in the Latest! - Colorado Divorce Law and News section of our website.

The following materials may assist you in the use of this form.

Free Adobe Reader®

As with all other Adobe® Portable Document format ("PDF") forms, to access, view, download and complete the new Colorado Financial Affidavit Form, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader®. Reader® is available without charge, as detailed immediately below, from Adobe's website page.

  • This free Reader® software tool does not allow you to save your work and retain the completed or partially completed Financial Affidavit. If you wish to save a completed form (or retain your work on a partially completed form), you must purchase a full-featured version of Adobe Acrobat®.

  • However, the free Reader® software does allow you to save the form (without your work) to your computer. Once saved, you may access the blank form (without your work) at your convenience.

  • The free Reader® software also does allow you to fill in the form electronically, and print the resulting completed Affidavit.

To Complete the New Colorado Financial Affidavit Form Electronically

  1. Open the form. Because of the form's large size, we strongly recommend you download the form to your computer's hard drive (by right-clicking as detailed immediately below). Alternatively, particularly if you have a very high-speed internet connection, you may select (double-click) this link to the new Colorado Affidavit form, or the link on our Colorado divorce forms page.

  2. Select the Hand tool if it is not already selected.

  3. Position the cursor (which will turn to an I-beam) inside any field within a form field, and click. The I-beam pointer allows you to type text. If your pointer appears as pointing finger , you can select a special field such as a button, a check box, or an item from a list.

  4. After entering text or a number, either use your mouse to move to the next form field, or press Tab or Shift+Tab to accept your entry and move to the next or previous form field. (Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to accept the text form field change and deselect the current field.)

  5. Once you have completed the appropriate form fields and entered all information, print out the completed form.  (Again, you can't save your completed and filled-in form, unless you have purchased the special software as noted above.)

To Clear the New Financial Affidavit Form

To remove all entered information (and have a clean "blank" form without text or numbers), click on the RESET button on the bottom left of the first page of the new Affidavit form.  (This might be useful, if you and your spouse are taking turns using the same computer to prepare your separate Financial Affidavits.)

You may need to exit your browser, and start again. (Clicking the Reload button or the Go Back button, or following a link in a browser window may not clear the form.)

More Basic Information on Using Colorado Divorce Forms

To download the FREE Adobe® Acrobat Reader®, get Acrobat Reader® Version 7. (Resources on this site are best viewed in version 5.0 or higher.)

download Adobe® Acrobat Reader®

To download Acrobat files to your computer without opening them in your browser (recommended):

1. Windows Users "right click" on the link with your mouse (Mac users hold down "options" key, and "click-and-hold")

2. Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu.

3. Give the file a name and make a note of the directory in which you are saving it, then click "Save".

4. To view the file, open up Adobe Acrobat on your computer and then open up the saved file from within Acrobat.

For further information, see our comprehensive Colorado divorce tools and forms section and family resources section, which include:

Colorado divorce, Colorado family law and Colorado mediation planning tools, Colorado divorce forms and Divorce Resolutions® contact information.
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