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Divorce Resolutions connects local mediators and arbiters with people seeking dispute resolution services for divorce, parenting, and other family matters. We offer a range of professionals with different styles, availability, and rates to fit your situation. All Divorce Resolution mediators and arbiters are attorneys who specialize in family law.

Cynthia L. Ciancio

As founding shareholder of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. and head of the firm’s Family Law Group, my practice specializes in high asset divorces and complex child custody disputes.  I am a certified mediator conducting both mediations and arbitrations for parties with or without lawyers. With over 15 years of experience law …

Availability: Monday – Friday

Rate: $$$

Jennifer Shaw Huston

I am passionate about mediation and the practice of family law because I enjoy helping clients navigate through the resolution of their issues. I strongly believe that flexibility in approach is essential, and I advocate for my clients to reach a place of peace about the outcomes in their case …

Availability: Monday – Wednesday, Friday

Rate: $$

Michael C. Helland

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Melinda S. Moses

Melinda Moses is my full name, but most people know me as Mindy. I started my path to practicing mediation as a staff attorney at the Colorado Court of Appeals. For 20 years I specialized in cases involving all aspects of family law, dependency and neglect, adoption and paternity, as …

Availability: Monday – Friday

Rate: $$

Banafsheh Lari

After law school, I quickly realized I had a passion for family law issues and helping families through the most difficult times they may face. I started as an intern at the Arapahoe County District Court, then interning for a prominent private family law firm in Denver. That was followed …

Availability: Monday – Friday, Evenings

Rate: $

Kyle J. Martelon

My practice includes mediation, family law, and general litigation matters. I understand that parties to these matters are very often going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I therefore approach each case with compassion, understanding, and thoroughness. I am committed to assisting my clients navigate the …

Availability: Tuesday – Thursday

Rate: $$$

Carrie C. Eckstein

Availability: Text


Jonathan J. Bereman

My mediation style is deeply rooted in my dedication to the service of others. I am proud of the reputation I’ve developed for guiding clients through high conflict situations with a calm and reasonable approach. And I pride myself in delivering nothing but excellence, by properly, intelligently, and honorably …

Availability: Tuesday – Thursday, Evenings

Rate: $$

Lynne A. Weitzel

I have been practicing family law litigation and mediation for 25 years. My mediation style is to approach each situation with the goal of helping both parties reach an amicable solution. I have an extensive knowledge of the laws, judges, and court process in Colorado.

Additionally, I have served as …

Availability: Monday – Friday

Rate: $$$

Edward C. Moss

Judge Edward Moss (retired) was a litigator for 24 years followed by 16 years as a Colorado District Court Judge. His practice is limited to mediation, arbitration, and private judging (pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute §13-3-111) …

Availability: Monday – Friday, Evenings

Rate: $$$

Amanda K. Reeves

I am a firm believer that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for people who find themselves facing divorce, the allocation of parental responsibilities, the modification of existing family law orders, or any other family law matter. Mediation gives you the opportunity to find creative solutions that work for your situation. Mediation is a vital step in your family law matter offering you the ability and opportunity to reach negotiated agreements without protracted litigation.

Availability: Monday – Saturday, Mornings

Rate: $$

Peter J. Stapp

Since my retirement, June 30, 2018, I have handled PC/DM matters, mediated numerous cases to a successful conclusion, arbitrated several domestic relations cases and attended the 40 hour mediation course offered by the CBA.

Availability: Wednesdays

Rate: $

Lawrence (Larry) King

In the early 1990’s mediation was not prevalent, nor well understood, as a process suitable to helping divorcing families. In 1992, I founded my family law mediation practice, to become known as Divorce Resolutions®.

Availability: Retired