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The Cost of Divorce Mediation

The Cost of Divorce Mediation

Total Costs Of Mediation

Cost savings are not the only, or even the primary, advantage of divorce mediation. Nonetheless, mediation costs are often significantly less than legal fees for a contested divorce that concludes with a court trial or hearing, or a divorce in which both parties retain attorneys to represent them but concludes by settlement without a court trial or hearing. Mediation will often prove to be a more affordable option to resolve post-decree matters than going through the traditional court process.

Mediation Fees Often Significantly Less Than A Standard Divorce

As an insightful Parade Magazine article (“A Saner, Smarter Way to Say Goodbye”) explained:

“Mediators usually charge hourly fees comparable to those of lawyers … but a case that might require 170 hours in a standard divorce might be resolved in less than 20 hours of mediation.”

But, as detailed below, our average time and average costs of mediating will often be even less than the estimate in the article above.

At Divorce Resolutions, only one mediator is needed to work with you as a neutral 3rd party to lead the discussion and draft the resolution. However, if attorneys represent you, they may also be present during your mediation sessions with Divorce Resolutions, but it is not necessary.

What Divorce Resolutions’ Fees Cover

  • Mediation session(s)
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Review and revisions, if needed
  • Draft for signatures, or DocuSign agreement for electronic signatures

Divorce Resolutions’ Fee Structure

Divorce Resolutions offers a range of professionals with different styles, availability and rates to fit your situation. All mediators at Divorce Resolutions are practicing attorneys and range in experience from associate attorneys to retired judges and law firm partners. All have emphasized family law and domestic relations in their practices.

Our rates range between $200-400/hour, depending on the mediator you choose. Payments are due in advance and collected when you schedule. Like a retainer, any unused portion of your payment will be held on file for your next session or returned upon completion of services. Any overages are billed immediately after they have incurred.

In mediation, each party is responsible for half of all costs, which is about $100-200/hour per person, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience. Payments can be made through a secure online link or by calling (303) 650-1750.

In contrast, many attorneys will require an upfront deposit (retainer) from each of you equal to or greater than the expected total cost of a mediated divorce. That initial deposit is often exhausted, with actual fees and costs continuing to escalate through the litigation process.

How Long Does Mediation Take?

The initial mediation session will typically last about two hours. However, we can schedule longer for complex matters to ensure we have time to cover the major issues and determine next steps. Couples will then meet about two weeks later to discuss further and make agreements. After all agreements are final, your mediator will draft a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and work with both parties to revise until both parties are satisfied.

The complete process for separation or divorce will usually take about four sessions at various lengths of time. Complex issues may take more than 10 hours, but a couple who has a relatively simple situation could complete their divorce through mediation in as little as 6-8 hours.

Post-decree matters will often take less time. Depending on the number of issues to discuss, a post-decree matter can take as little as two to four hours to complete the process.

Factors Influencing Fees

Our total time to mediate your divorce or parenting dispute may be less than these averages if you have:

  • Limited issues
  • Access to required information
  • An easier time of discussing divorce and family options

Your total time may be higher than the estimates provided on this page if you have:

  • Numerous issues
  • Complex situations (e.g., you own a business)
  • Limited access to required information
  • A more difficult time discussing divorce and family options

Of course, all these matters would directly influence the costs of divorce or resolving parenting disputes in litigation as well.

Contact a Denver Divorce Mediation Attorney Today

With our professionals assisting you through the mediation process, the total costs of a divorce or separation will almost certainly be significantly less than if you choose the ordinary, contested, litigation approach. This theory holds for post-decree matters, as well.

For an estimate tailored to your situation, please contact us by phone at (303) 650-1750 or contact us through our online contact form. We’re confident we offer enormous value, and we’re direct about the anticipated costs of our services to work with you.

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