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Denver Court-Ordered Mediation Lawyer

Denver Court-Ordered Mediation Lawyer

In Colorado, couples need to comply with a number of rules and requirements when filing for divorce or separation. In fact, some people are required to attend court-ordered mediation before making critical decisions regarding your assets, children, and more.

Mediation is simple when you trust the experts at Divorce Resolutions, LLC. Our trained Denver divorce mediators have helped Colorado families create and draft amicable agreements for over 25 years. We have the skills and experience that you need to resolve complex family conflicts.

Why Choose Divorce Resolutions, LLC for Court-Ordered Mediation

Our licensed mediators have a strong understanding of Colorado family law. Our team is made up of attorneys and retired judges. We have worked to help dozens of clients reach amicable decisions through mediation, saving time and stress. We offer virtual and in-person consultations for ultimate flexibility. We serve residents in the Greater Denver area and beyond.

How Does Court-Ordered Mediation Work?

Many Colorado counties require that divorcing or separating couples attend mediation before requesting a court hearing. While these requirements do not apply to everyone, court-ordered mediation can provide several advantages.

During this process, you and your spouse or co-parent will meet with a trained, licensed mediator. The goal of the mediator is to help both parties discuss important issues and come to an amicable agreement without going to court.

Mediation aims to help you and your spouse make critical decisions that work best for you, your children, and your whole family. Instead of advocating for just one party, your mediator will be completely neutral—and able to envision creative solutions to complex divorce or separation scenarios.

When Do You Need to Go to Mediation?

You may go to mediation to resolve a range of divorce- and parenting-related conflicts. These issues may include, but are not limited to:

You can go to mediation without filing a formal petition in Colorado family court. However, many couples use mediation as a tool to resolve a legal conflict after filing. You can also choose to modify agreements via mediation, even if the case was initially resolved at trial.

While generally voluntary, the court may require you to attend mediation before litigating a conflict via mediation. Your marital settlement agreement will detail when you need to attend mediation.

Benefits of Choosing Mediation over Litigation

Mediation is a confidential, customizable process that is intended to protect the best interests of your whole family. During a formal hearing, you no longer retain control over your case’s outcome. With mediation, you work to create an amicable agreement among yourselves.

While litigation is lengthy, expensive, and complex, mediation is relatively quick, cost-effective, and straightforward. In addition to providing several benefits for you and your former spouse or co-parent, relegating cases to the mediation process can help save court resources as well.

At Divorce Resolutions, LLC, our Denver court-ordered mediation experts are dedicated to facilitating communications between spouses or co-parents who choose to end their relationship. If you are required to attend court-ordered mediation, we can help you comply with these orders and come to a resolution that is satisfactory for all parties.

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