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Divorce and Family Law Resources

Divorce and Family Law Resources

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Divorce or separation drastically alters family and parenting relationships. It can be difficult to navigate the legal system and locate the specific resources you need.

We’ve worked to compile a list of resources that offer the specific information and guidance you need during different stages of the process.

These resources have helped other people prepare for and manage the challenges that a major life change such as divorce or separation can create for you and your family.

Resources that you may find helpful include:

  • An overview of researchers’ current understanding of the best model for parenting during divorce and talking to your children about divorce or separation. This can help you understand what you should be focusing on and offers concrete tools for talking to your children about what is happening.
  • Strategies for effective parenting after divorce. This page talks about recent research and offers suggestions as to which behaviors to avoid and ways to “positive parent” during this time.
  • Our recommendations (and brief review) of some of the best divorce and parenting-related books. These books, videotapes, videos and digital video discs (DVDs) discuss the challenges of divorce, how to divorce as friends, specific challenges women face, dealing with emotions during a divorce, long-distance parenting, tips for fathers during divorce, how to manage a high-conflict divorce, and even books for children who are adjusting to divorce.
  • Support groups that can help with rebuilding after divorce and parents who are parenting without partners.
  • Parenting and divorce education, online options and curriculum for parenting and parenting after divorce (PAD), adjusting to change (F.A.C.T.) and developing skills to have a better more positive experience. These courses can help you understand court orders, child custody and visitation.
  • Online family resources available to divorcing or separating parents. These tools have been reviewed and used by parents with significant success. The tools include Our Family Wizard, Parenting Time Calendar, Dads Divorce and many others.

Our website features Colorado family law information which is frequently updated to bring you the latest news and resources. See, for example, our article on moving with children regarding Colorado relocation custody-visitation laws including a list of the Colorado custody and visitation relocation procedure.

Exclusive Child Custody And Parenting Plan Resources

We are also extremely privileged to include here our “Best of the Net” award-winning feature, Child Custody Parenting Plan Options (for Children of School Age). These are derived from materials by, and are presented with the assistance (and permission) of, internationally renowned divorce researcher, clinical psychologist, family mediator and child custody and parenting educator, Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.

In another web exclusive, we also include divorce and children expert Robert Emery, Ph.D.’s unique Child Custody Alternative Schedules (Parenting Time Plans)for all children’s ages as suggested for differing parents’ “divorce styles.” Dr. Emery also is a preeminent divorce mediator, psychologist and family researcher, and child custody and parenting educator and author.

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