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Denver High-Asset and Complex Divorce Mediation Attorney

Denver High-Asset and Complex Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you need help mediating a high-asset or complex divorce, the team at Divorce Resolutions, LLC can support you and your spouse. Our team of licensed Denver high-asset and complex divorce mediators will work diligently to help both parties reach an amicable agreement and navigate these complicated topics.

Pursuing a divorce is never easy. However, if you and your spouse have significant assets, own a business together, or otherwise have another complicating factor, the process can become even more complicated. In these situations, it may be in your best interest to choose mediation over litigation.

Why Choose Divorce Resolutions, LLC for Complex Divorce Mediation

  • Our team is made up of licensed attorneys and retired judges who have helped Colorado residents for years.
  • Our licensed mediators have a strong understanding of Colorado divorce laws and requirements. We are skilled in helping clients navigate complex issues.
  • We understand the complexities of divorce and will work tirelessly to guide you and your spouse through the divorce mediation process step-by-step.

Colorado’s Laws on Property Division in a Divorce

When a married couple chooses to end their relationship, Colorado law requires that they divide their marital property in an equitable manner. Marital property refers to the assets and debts that a couple acquires while they are married, while separate property is owned by a spouse before marriage or acquired via gift or inheritance.

Equitable division does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. There are several factors that must be considered when dividing marital property:

  • The financial situation of each spouse
  • Whether a spouse’s separate property was depleted for the marriage
  • Who has primary parental responsibility over any children
  • Whether separate property was converted to marital property during the marriage

For example, a lower-earning spouse may be entitled to a certain portion of marital property to maintain his or her lifestyle and avoid becoming destitute. The spouse with primary parental responsibility may be awarded the house so that the children have a place to live.

When it comes to high-asset or complex divorces, you may require the help of a financial professional to assess the extent of your marital property. You may also need to consult with a Denver high-asset and complex divorce mediation attorney about the value of these assets and what an equitable division would look like.

How Mediation Can Help Your High-Asset or Complex Divorce

It can be challenging to litigate a divorce. You will need to present a great deal of evidence to the court in order to ensure an equitable division of property. While you may make a strong case for how your assets should be distributed, the final decision is up to the court.

To retain control over the property division process, many couples choose mediation over litigation. Mediation is a process where you, your spouse, and a third-party mediator will come to a series of amicable agreements regarding several concerns in your divorce, including property division.

For high-asset couples or couples in complex situations, mediation can be very advantageous compared to court. This process allows for more flexible and creative solutions for asset division and enables you to retain more control over the process. To find out whether mediation is right for you, speak to the team at Divorce Resolutions, LLC.

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If you are involved in a high-asset or complex divorce, mediation can help you reach a resolution without going to court. In these situations, trust our licensed Denver high-asset and complex divorce mediators to guide you through the process.

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