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Denver Business & Retirement Division Lawyer

Through mediation, you and your spouse can clearly communicate about your business and retirement division issues with the support of a trained Denver business and retirement division attorney. Trust the team at Divorce Resolutions, LLC to help you create an amicable agreement without the involvement of the court.

Divorce is never an easy process. These proceedings can be complicated by several factors, such as high amounts of assets or the presence of young children. If you and your spouse have business or retirement assets to divide, it can be very difficult to determine who gets what.

Why Choose Divorce Resolutions, LLC for Your Case

Our team is highly experienced in Denver divorce mediation and is made up of retired judges and licensed attorneys. We understand how sensitive and complicated business and retirement division issues can be. Our team will work tirelessly to help you create and draft amicable solutions. We represent clients in the greater Denver area and beyond. We offer both in-person and virtual mediations.

How Colorado Divides Property

Colorado is an equitable property division state. This means that you must divide your marital property, or the assets that you acquire during the course of your marriage, in a way that is fair to both spouses.

This does not mean the split will necessarily be equal. There are several factors that could play into this decision, including:

  • Each spouse’s economic circumstances
  • Whether separate property became marital property
  • How each spouse treated the assets in question during the divorce
  • Whether one spouse has primary parental responsibility over the children
  • How each spouse contributed to the marital property

Retirement Accounts During a Colorado Divorce

In Colorado divorce cases, retirement benefits such as pensions, 401k plans, and other accounts are subject to division. Any funds that were deposited into a retirement account after marriage will be considered marital property.

How to Handle Business Assets When Filing for Divorce

If you are divorcing and own a business, the courts may value its assets when dividing your marital property. The court cannot allocate the business to a non-owner, but if you and your spouse have joint ownership or have marital assets tied up in the business, it may be subject to division.

Factors that may contribute to this decision include:

  • How much the business is worth
  • When the business was founded
  • Whether the business’s value increased or decreased during marriage
  • How each spouse contributed to the business

Resolve Your Business and Retirement Division Issues Through Mediation

Property division in Colorado can be very complex, especially when it comes to business and retirement assets. By engaging in mediation, you and your spouse can create an amicable agreement on how to handle these important matters.

Mediation provides a safe, comfortable environment to discuss your business and retirement assets and determine who gets what. A neutral Denver business and retirement division lawyer from Divorce Resolutions, LLC will guide you through important topics and help you make mutually beneficial decisions.

At the conclusion of the mediation, your mediator will create a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the division of your marital property, including business and retirement assets. Instead of leaving the decision up to the courts, you have more control over how these assets will be divided.

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