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Denver Paternity Mediation Attorney

With the team of Denver paternity mediation lawyers at Divorce Resolutions, LLC, you can create and draft an amicable agreement in regard to paternity.

When ending their relationship, unmarried parents need to make several important decisions. Where will the children live? What type of education will they receive? Who will pay for genetic testing or pregnancy-related medical care?

In some cases, a parent may question whether a child is biologically related to him or her. If you find yourself in this situation, you may need a mediator to resolve the conflict.

Why Choose Divorce Resolutions, LLC for Paternity Mediation

  • We have over 25 years of experience handling divorce mediation in Denver. We can guide you and your spouse or co-parent toward an amicable resolution.
  • Our team has the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to help mediate your paternity conflict. We are licensed Denver paternity mediation attorneys and retired judges.
  • Child-related matters can be complex and sensitive. Like the courts, we will always guide you toward decisions that meet your interests and the best interests of your children.

Understanding Paternity Actions in Colorado

Paternity actions involve establishing a child’s biological father, which is usually proven using DNA testing. A parent may want to establish paternity as a way to establish rights to parenting time or child support. Either parent may pursue this action, depending on the circumstances.

For example, a father may want to establish a relationship with a child that he believes to be his own, despite his former partner’s denial. A mother may need help providing for her child’s basic needs and want to establish the father’s legal obligation to pay child support.

Colorado presumes paternity if the two parties are married at the time that the child is born, or if the father’s name appears on the birth certificate. However, the laws can be complex for couples who were never married or if the father was not present at the time of the birth. In these situations, DNA testing is usually required to legally establish paternity.

Mediating Paternity-Related Conflicts

Paternity conflicts can be very sensitive cases and involve significant emotional stress. One parent may not want to consent to DNA testing or be reluctant to share parenting time with an alleged father. Going to court can exacerbate these emotions.

Many couples choose to resolve paternity questions via mediation, an alternative dispute resolution process. During mediation, a trained third-party mediator will communicate with you and your former partner, either separately or together. Your Denver paternity mediator will guide you through important questions to help you reach a resolution.

For paternity-related conflicts, these topics may revolve around the questions of DNA testing and parental responsibilities. Using the input of both parties, the mediator can help you and your former partner draft an amicable agreement to help achieve the best situation for all parties—most importantly, your child.

Tools to Prepare

The team at Divorce Resolutions, LLC can help you and your co-parent mediate paternity conflicts. Ordinarily, we suggest you download and review two Adobe-formatted documents:

These require you to have Adobe’s widely used and free software, Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your computer does not yet have this software, or you are new to using it to access these tools, click on these instructions to download and learn how to use them.

These are simply tools, and you should not feel like you must have discussed or resolved any of these issues before we meet. Most couples need some help in understanding the range of choices they have and that is part of our job as a mediator. Nonetheless, we provide these to you to give you some direction of what information may be useful in streamlining your work together.

Alternatively, if you feel you have resolved many or most of your parenting and financial issues and have researched and have helpful documents available and organized, these may not be of interest to you.

Optional Parenting Exercise

If possible and you have the time and continued access to a computer, we generally recommend for your child(ren)’s benefit that you each complete the questionnaire and exercises at

Specifically designed for parents never married to each other, these positive tools are described and explained in more detail on our Family Online Resources page.

It helps to agree on who will begin this questionnaire and that person will provide the other’s email address, so you can be part of a single “linked” family. Many of our clients have found these exercises very powerful and helpful, but certainly, they are optional.

Our Fees and Payment Policy

This will confirm that, absent other agreement, you will each be responsible for paying at the end of the session, one-half of our hourly fees, and that our Denver paternity mediation attorneys ordinarily anticipate a two-hour first session. We do accept MasterCard and Visa, if that is helpful.

As is the policy of all mediators, we cannot assist you in an agreement on how you will share fees, and you must have this issue decided in advance of beginning your work with us.

Third Parties, Other Family and Children

On occasion, of course, the presence of third persons (including other family members) is helpful and appropriate in mediation. In many cases, however, the presence of others hinders the mediation process. Unless arrangements have been considered and agreed to in advance by both parties and the mediator, third persons and children should not accompany you to your mediation session.

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If you are involved in a paternity conflict, you need a mediator who can help you and your spouse or co-parent resolve the matter. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust Divorce Resolutions, LLC to help you come to an amicable agreement.

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