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Recommended Divorce Support Groups

Recommended Divorce Support Groups

The Fisher Seminars — Divorce Support

Many Colorado community and church organizations offer divorce support, “recovery” and “adjustment” groups, offering solace and direction at a time of estrangement and bewilderment.

One long-standing, highly regarded approach to such divorce support is The Fisher Seminars. (Note: Although this website offers a good description of this course, see links below for providers currently offering these seminars.) Initially designed by the late Dr. Bruce Fisher, a Boulder, Colorado, marriage therapist, The Fisher Seminars have been offered for more than 25 years in many states and foreign countries.

Through a confidential 10-week alliance with others in similar circumstances, the course teaches relationship building skills and offers divorce support to separated and divorcing parties (who attend independently and not in the same group with a spouse or former spouse).

Rebuilding Divorce Support Seminar Providers

Several Colorado organizations and teams of professionals presently host Fisher Rebuilding classes|seminars in Colorado. These include:

A publisher of Dr. Fisher course materials (profiled below) seeks to maintain a nationwide list of Fisher Seminars course facilitators at its Rebuilding.Org website, including Colorado divorce recovery support group facilitators.

Rebuilding Divorce Support Publications

Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends
by Bruce Fisher

Rebuilding Workbook: When Your Relationship Ends
by Bruce Fisher

These books include the seminar’s principal self-help book for personal growth and divorce recovery, and its workbook — both valuable in their own right and without course attendance.

Parents Without Partners — Parenting And Divorce SupportDivorce support group resources of Parents Without Partners (website and logo)

Parents Without Partners (divorce support group international site) provides newly divorced and separated (and of course, other single) parents support, friendship and the exchange of parenting resources — all in an environment promoting personal growth and self-confidence. It is the largest international, nonprofit organization devoted to the welfare and interests of single parents and their children.

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