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Emily Maxfield

Emily Maxfield

Magistrate Emily Kreutz Maxfield (retired)

Magistrate Emily Maxfield practiced in family law for 20 years, as a Deputy District Attorney, a Legislative Liaison for the Colorado Department of Human Services, and as a Magistrate in Denver Juvenile Court.  Throughout her career, she has been involved in hundreds of situations where settlement was in the best interest of all parties.  Even when on the bench, she tried to narrow down what could be agreed upon prior to entering a decision on the parties’ behalf.

Magistrate Maxfield does not treat mediation lightly.  She recognizes this is the most important thing going on in the parties’ lives at that moment.  She is aware that the legal process can be overwhelming and tries to navigate this process so that the parties feel comfortable that they have been heard and that everything has been taken into consideration.

Magistrate Maxfield’s experience is that people are more likely to abide by an agreement that they have worked through and entered voluntarily, rather than someone else telling them how to resolve their issues. 

Specialties / Practice Areas:

Mediation, Divorce and Legal Separation, Unmarried Parties, Paternity, Parental Responsibility, Parenting Time, Child Support and Spousal Maintenance, Decision-Making, Modification of Post-Decree Orders, and Contempt Issues.


  • Child Support Commission
  • Colorado Department of Human Services, Legislative Liaison 
  • Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Gabby Krause Foundation Board Member
  • Architectural Control Committee and Board Member


  • University of Denver, College of Law, J.D. 1998-2001
  • Colorado State University, B.A., 1992-1996

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