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Divorcing? Avoid these 4 mediation mistakes

Divorcing? Avoid these 4 mediation mistakes

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If you are like most Coloradoans who end their marriage, you will resolve divorce-related matters through mediation. This process is typically faster, more peaceful and less expensive than going to court, but there are some common mistakes people make that complicate things. Avoiding these can help you navigate mediation more easily.

Mistake: Being unprepared

You do not need to have all the answers when you start mediation, but failing to prepare at all can be a costly oversight.

Before and throughout the mediation process, having information gathered and organized can be incredibly helpful. This information can include financial information, your child’s schedule and lists of your property. When you have all this prepared, you can make decisions more confidently.

Mistake: Expecting to “win”

Mediation is not about winning and losing; it is about finding fair solutions cooperatively. Thus, entering sessions with the mindset that it’s you versus them and expecting there to be a winner can be a mistake.

Instead, expect to negotiate, compromise and work together. This collaborative mindset can be more productive and help you start mediation on the right foot.

Mistake: Refusing to participate

Even if you hate your ex or cannot trust them, refusing to work with them in mediation can backfire on you. Similarly, simply agreeing to whatever your ex wants without question can also be unwise.

It will likely be in your best interests to be an active participant throughout mediation. Doing so can help you secure more satisfactory outcomes and agreeable solutions.

Mistake: Navigating the process on your own

While you and your ex will ultimately be the ones to make decisions during mediation, you are not the only people who can play a role in reaching these decisions. Trying to do this on your own can lead to frustrating delays and bitter conflicts.

However, working with professionals familiar with this process, the law and possible outcomes can be a significant advantage. You can work with your attorneys, the mediator, custody specialists and accountants to make informed decisions.

Avoiding these mistakes can make the complicated process of ending your marriage more manageable.

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