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Are you prepared for your divorce mediation?

Are you prepared for your divorce mediation?

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Many couples choose to explore mediation when it comes time to end their marriage. People often consider mediation a less stressful and more cost-effective solution than traditional divorce. That said, the divorcing couple should take time to ensure they are properly prepared for the upcoming legal process.

While every situation is unique based on the characteristics of the marriage, there are numerous common factors that the divorcing couple must prepare for, such as:

  • Organize your legal papers: Including official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and tax returns, it is wise to create a file so you can keep relevant court paperwork organized and handy. Many people elect to carry an accordion-style folder with clearly labeled pockets.
  • Organize financial documents: A significant portion of the divorce process entails the division of assets and debts. The divorcing couple should take care to organize paperwork relating to credit cards, bank account statements, loan paperwork and retirement funds.
  • Maintain and updated calendar: Depending on the complexity of the marriage, the divorce will likely stretch over weeks and months requiring countless meetings. By maintaining an organized, up-to-date calendar you can easily schedule upcoming meetings and appointments without delay.
  • Prepare a list of topics to address: While the mediation will likely proceed in a low-stress manner, individuals might still feel pressure and become frustrated at the process itself. It is important to make the effort to create a list of concerns and priorities, so you do not forget.

The process of mediation allows a divorcing couple the chance to work together toward their goal with the help of a neutral facilitator. The environment is low-stress and geared toward encouraging cooperation rather than competitiveness. That said, people should take the time to prepare files for the lengthy upcoming process.

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