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Suggest the page you were just viewing and our website to a spouse, co-parent, any other family member, friend, neighbor, colleague or co-worker!

If you know someone considering or going through divorce or facing co-parenting issues, let them know of our website and its resources, and of our affordable and sensible family mediation process. Here’s an easy way to tell them about Divorce Resolutions, and our award-winning website!

Simply complete this form, filling in the email address of the person(s) you wish to tell about us. Include your name and email address — so your friend does not mistake this message for spam. Optionally, add a brief message to be included in the email.

We’ll forward the email with a link to the page you were viewing and return you to our website!

NOTE: In compliance with our absolute privacy policyno information you provide on this form is retained by us or shared with others for any purpose.

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