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Social media can hurt mediation options

Social media can hurt mediation options

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When you’re getting divorced, you might want to try to go through mediation. Mediation gives you a chance to work through your disputes and problems without the publicity of a divorce trial. It’s more private than other options and generally, so long as people agree to it, has an acceptable outcome.

One thing that can hurt mediation is social media, though. Social media tends to be where people can vent and talk to others about what’s happening in their lives, but that’s not something you want to do during a divorce. Nor do you want to post about what happens in these private sessions.

When you’re in mediation, you need to remember that anyone who can see your social media can take screenshots and images. They can grab that information off the internet and share it with your spouse and the mediator. You don’t want social media to come back to haunt you, so one of the best things you can do is to get offline and to stay offline until your divorce is over.

Social media isn’t all bad. On your end, you can look through your spouse’s social media for information, too. However, it would be best if you both disabled your accounts or closed them, at least if you want to avoid having your social media accounts affect your case.

Mediation is about working together, being respectful and understanding one another’s wishes. Social media could get in the way of that or add complexity to your sessions, so consider carefully if you want to keep posting online. Doing so could intensify disputes or cause conflicts that just extend your time in mediation.

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