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The role of communication in mediation

The role of communication in mediation

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With divorce mediation, the goal is simply to avoid a long, difficult court case. This entire process does not have to be a struggle in which you and your spouse are actively working against one another. Instead, you can adopt a positive mindset in which you both work together to quickly achieve the results that you seek. It’s not about coming out ahead but about cooperating and getting results.

One thing that is crucial as you try to do this is to make sure you communicate well with your spouse, who will soon be your ex. Communication plays a massive role because mediation means you have to be on the same page, and you have to be working together at every step. How can you make sure that communication goes smoothly? Here are a few steps to take:

  • Be open and honest about everything. For example, as soon as you know you want a divorce, tell them. Don’t keep them in the dark.
  • Try to communicate when you’re not feeling emotional. The end of a marriage is hard, but don’t let emotion lead to unnecessary friction.
  • Keep your focus on what really matters. For instance, maybe you like to idea of mediation because you have children, and you want to ensure that you can both stay involved. When you put the kids first during every conversation, it makes it easier to work alongside your spouse to accomplish your shared goals.

Mediation is a very different way of approaching a divorce, and it does give you some unique tools to use. Make sure you know what options you have and what steps you can take.

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