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Mediation myths: Court is better for child custody

Mediation myths: Court is better for child custody

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Divorce mediation has spawned a number of problematic myths over the years, and it is important for parents not to let these inaccurate accounts change the way that they think about the mediation process.

For instance, one common myth is that if you’re dealing with custody of your children, it is better to be in court. Some parents only want to do what is best for the kids — a healthy mindset — and they want to stay involved. They think that means they need to go to court rather than mediate.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A court case is often harder on children, who may feel like they have to pick sides. It can be stressful. They may feel like their parents are using them as tokens to get something else that they want. There are numerous potential issues.

With mediation, parents get to sit down and work together. They get to take a more active role in the decisions that will govern the children’s lives. This is often better than letting a judge make those decisions.

On top of that, divorced parents need to know that their relationship will change, but it will continue. They’ll always be parents. They can’t just cut all contact, and they will need to work together regarding the children in the future. The mediation process gives them a chance to start doing so before they are even divorced, and that can only help down the line.

This is just one mediation myth. Don’t fall for it or any others. Take the time to really look into all of the options that you have and the benefits they provide.

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