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Preparing for your Colorado child custody mediation

Preparing for your Colorado child custody mediation

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Child custody mediation is the civil way to address issues surrounding the future of your child in your Colorado divorce. It sets an excellent example for your children too: by watching you mediate, rather than litigate your divorce, they see the power of effective communication in conflict resolution.

To ensure a successful child custody mediation experience, you need to arrive prepared and in the correct state of mind. These are some of the things you should bring:

  • A professional attitude: Treat your child custody mediation meetings with the importance and professionalism they deserve.
  • A child-centered focus: This is about the future of your child’s life. Bad decisions due to conflict between you and your spouse will affect your child for years to come.
  • A draft time-share plan: You and your spouse know your lives and daily routines, and those of your child, better than anyone. Invest the time beforehand to study the online resources available and draft a plan of how you envision your child will share time with each parent.
  • A willingness to negotiate: Your mediator is there to find a workable solution that both of you accept. They can only do so if both you and your spouse are willing to cede a little ground to the other.
  • A list of any safety or educational concerns: You may feel certain things need to be made clear for the well-being of your child. Consider these carefully to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Determining child custody and child share arrangements is the singularly most important matter to settle in your divorce. Doing so via mediation can create a calm and respectful atmosphere so essential to finding the best solution for your child.

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