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5 benefits of divorce mediation

5 benefits of divorce mediation

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Did you know that you do not have to take your divorce to court? If you have not heard about mediation, you may want to investigate more. Here are five reasons mediation may be a better way to settle your divorce:

  1. Reduces costs: Going to court takes longer, therefore, costs more money in legal fees. You and your spouse could use this money better.
  2. Reduces conflict: Mediation involves negotiating rather than arguing or trying to win at the expense of the other person.
  3. Saves time: Mediation is much quicker, and you could finalize your divorce in as little as two months. The sooner you complete your divorce, the sooner you, your spouse and your children can move forward with your new lives.
  4. Gives you control: As you and your spouse negotiate the outcome, you both have a say in how you resolve your divorce, rather than leave it to a court.
  5. Maintains privacy: A mediated divorce will not go on the public record, and there will be no divorce hearings for the local gossip mongers to attend.
  6. Easier on those around you: In any marriage, you build mutual friends. Many friends and family feel obliged to take one side or the other if you and your partner are fighting. If you and your spouse come to a civil agreement, it frees other people to remain friends with both of you.

Not all attorneys offer divorce mediation, but if you prefer a civil discussion rather than a courtroom battle, seek out one who does.

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