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Mediation and setting up for successful co-parenting

Mediation and setting up for successful co-parenting

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Mediation is the divorce process in which you and your spouse sit down with a mediator to work through your split together. In this process, you will also set the stage for a co-parenting relationship if you have children and are both going to be involved.

This new relationship is challenging, but in many ways, mediation is the first step to building your successful co-parenting relationship. Here are some of the benefits that mediation provides that can also be helpful to your future family dynamics:

Learn to have productive conversations

In mediation, you and your spouse will work together to find divorce resolutions and prepare for your future. Though this may sound daunting when you and your spouse may not have the best relationship, the good news is that a professional mediation will be with you every step of the way.

Working through your divorce with mediation, you may learn to have productive conversations and even disagreements that ultimately lead to a resolution. These are skills that you will need in many other relationships, but especially so in a co-parenting relationship.

Take control and collaborate creatively

While your mediator will be there to help you through conversations, you and your spouse will ultimately be in control. You are the ones who will be living with the decisions made in your divorce proceedings, so it can be beneficial to have authority over what those decisions will be. You will collaborate with one another to find creative solutions that will be more satisfying and beneficial to your future relationship.

Work together in a private setting

Mediation is confidential. It provides a safe space for you and your spouse to work through your divorce and your future co-parenting relationship. This means that you can take the time to prepare for issues that may arise in your parenting lives before they happen, so that things may go smoother once your children are involved.

Research from Dr. Robert Emery of the University of Virginia’s Center for Children, Families and the Law demonstrates the benefits of mediation after divorce is finalized. They found that nonresidential parents who mediated were more likely to see their children more often than those who litigated. They also were more able to discuss issues with their co-parent and were generally more involved with the child’s life.

Mediation has many benefits, with preparation for co-parenting being just one of them. Especially if you have children, consider if mediation is an option for you.

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