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Evolution Of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Finally, consider our article regarding changes at our office in 2006 (the substitution of old-style flip-charts with mediators’ client-side large LCD displays).

Colorado Mediation News

Learn about the new Colorado Mediation Association or “theMAC” in our article 2011 Colorado Mediators Organization Rebrands as the “Colorado Mediation Association!” (The old Colorado Council of Mediators — CCMO — is no more.)

Colorado Divorce Filing Fees Increase Again

first posted on: 6/20/2003

For a second time this year, filing fees for divorce or legal separation in Colorado have been increased!

In March, 2003, Governor Owens allowed Senate Bill 186 to go into effect without his signature, raising fees fifty per cent – by adding a so-called “stabilization fee” of forty five dollars to Colorado domestic relations (including divorce-related) cases. Effective July 1, 2003, the separate basic statutory fee is itself increased to one hundred thirty dollars.

New Initial Colorado Divorce Filing Fees

Accordingly, this new Colorado law will add another $40 to Colorado court initial filing fees in domestic relations (including divorce-related) cases.

As a result, Colorado couples filing their Petition for Dissolution (Divorce) together — with both parties signing a single pleading as “Co-Petitioners,” as our mediation clients generally do — will now pay a total of $184 in fees and taxes.

Couples filing a Petition for Legal Separation together will now pay a total of $179 in fees and taxes.

New Modification Filing Fees

Divorced couples or never married parents seeking to modify their earlier Colorado Court orders (concerning any Colorado divorce related issues, including parenting plans or “child custody” matters, or child support or spousal maintenance agreements or prior orders) will continue to pay an additional $70 in filing.

All new requests for Modification must be accompanied by a total filing fee of $90 (a 450% increase in fees, from the $20 fee before these two 2003 changes in Colorado divorce law).

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