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We currently host articles on Colorado divorce law and related topics. Additionally, consider recent posts in our topical Colorado divorce law blog.

Evolution Of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Finally, consider our article regarding changes at our office in 2006 (the substitution of old-style flip-charts with mediators’ client-side large LCD displays).

Colorado Center For Divorce Mediation Site Wins “Best of Net” Colorado Divorce Law Content & Golden Web Design Awards

first posted on: 3/16/2003

Recognition for excellence in legal and family-parenting content & design

We are pleased to announce that Divorce Resolutions’ website has received recognition from several independent reviewers:

  • A content guide to Colorado divorce resources
  • A website design association
  • A dispute resolution publication
  • A fellow Colorado divorce attorney-mediator & author
  • A shared parenting website editor
  • A nationally featured divorce and relationship expert and author
  • Several leading mediation resource weblogs or ‘blogs’
  • A pre-eminent mediation and technology consultant

“Best of Net” For Divorce-Related Content’s Divorce Support Guide chose our site a “Best of the Net” Colorado divorce resource. The Guide’s editor, Pat Gaudette, a publishing authority on relationships and divorce, described our For Your Family – Child Custody Parenting Plan Options section, an “excellent starting point for setting up your own shared parenting plan.”

Ms. Gaudette also chose, as’s Divorce Support Guide Colorado Divorce Resource “Guide Picks,” our site’s sections on (Colorado Divorce & Mediation) Frequently Asked Questions & Myths and The Latest! – Colorado Divorce Law News and Information — regarding Colorado divorce and mediation, and regarding the latest in Colorado divorce law news, respectively.

Golden Web Award For Design

Our site has also been voted the prestigious 2003-2004 Golden Web Award. Our site is among websites considered with law-related content.

award for sites with law (divorce) content

The Golden Web Award is juried by the members of the International Association of Web Masters & Designers, an association of information technology and web professionals from over 145 countries. The award is given sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

Other Divorce Professionals’ Acclaim

Stephen Marsh, Esq., a pioneering educator in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), in the Fall, 2003 issue of Mediation On-Line, placed our website at the top of recommended sites for mediators to visit, remarking: “You can skip the others, if you just visit this one.”

Christine Coates, Esq., is an experienced Boulder, Colorado divorce attorney-mediator and author, and nationally recognized family law dispute resolution professional. Ms. Coates describes our website as “very impressive, an incredible resource for Colorado divorcing couples – the site is marvelous!”

In reviewing our site, single parent and shared parenting website editor, Bob Lewis, says: “Bravo! … serious food for thought for anyone considering divorce. Take a look!”

Former divorce lawyer and nationally recognized (Oprah Show featured) author, Bill Ferguson, describes our site as “great family resources and illustrated custody options.”

Florida marriage and family therapist, and leading parenting and divorce educator Paul Maione, Ph.D., adds: “Even if you’re not a Colorado parent, this acclaimed site offers valuable family resources (including the latest divorce research regarding child custody options emphasizing shared parenting approaches, and reviews of helpful divorce and parenting books, videotapes, support groups and online resources).”

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An additional highly recommended resource for Colorado divorce law information is Colorado Springs, Colorado family lawyer Carl Graham’s Colorado Divorce and Family Law Guide.

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