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Colorado Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery Opens!

first posted on: 8/31/2004

Together with co-sponsor, Divorce in Denver Magazine, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation™ proudly announces the opening of our Colorado Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery.

Colorado divorce art of kids' gallery icon - imagery of children's experience of divorce

We’ve collaborated with gifted Boulder, Colorado art therapist, Sue Wallingford, MA, LPC, ATR, to design our gallery.

Called “Kids’ Divorce Art Gallery:  Expressive Imagery of Children’s Experience of Divorce,” here we share children’s art powerfully depicting their world of divorce.

As a site visitor, we invite you to listen with your hearts as you view these compelling images. As a parent, educator, art teacher, art therapist or other professional, we seek your encouraging other young artists to submit their works, from which we all may learn.

Visit this special kids’ divorce art feature of our website.

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