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Colorado Divorce Law, Colorado Divorce Information & Colorado Mediation News 81

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We currently host articles on Colorado divorce law and related topics. Additionally, consider recent posts in our topical Colorado divorce law blog.

Evolution Of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Finally, consider our article regarding changes at our office in 2006 (the substitution of old-style flip-charts with mediators’ client-side large LCD displays).

Free Credit Report Valuable At Divorce!

first posted on: 12/29/2004

At Divorce Resolutions®, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation™, we work with our Colorado mediation clients to address all issues in family law and divorce cases in a cooperative, comprehensive manner. Importantly, this includes the allocation of responsibility for marital debts. Often, collaborative divorce planning seeks the closure or transfer to a single responsible party — of joint accounts, or debts incurred during the marriage for which both parties are formally obligated.

free annual credit reports - recommended as helpful in Colorado divorce planning and mediation

Federal law now allows all Colorado residents (not just Colorado divorcing couples) to request from a central reporting source and without charge — one annual credit report from each of the three major nationwide credit reporting agencies. The Fair Credit Reporting Act thus allows Colorado parties up to three total credit reports over the course of a year.

We recommend that our Colorado divorce or legal separation clients immediately access and review this valuable credit reporting information at (You can also access this web site to obtain further information on requesting your credit report by telephone or postal mail.)

Having your updated credit report will eliminate any future “surprises.” This valuable information will ensure your Colorado divorce or legal separation planning and resulting mediated agreement completely resolve all outstanding credit card, installment loan and other marital debt issues and concerns.

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