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Association For Conflict Resolution Family Section Mid-Year Conference Workshop — Mediation Practice Tools & Technology

Association For Conflict Resolution Family Section Mid-Year Conference Workshop — Mediation Practice Tools & Technology

Turbocharging Your Family Mediation Practice (Mediator Resource Materials)

Welcome colleagues from ACR’s Family Section Mid-Year Conference 2006 (Making Waves, Breaking Barriers)!

The following are course materials and resources referenced in our mediation and technology workshop:

Turbocharging Your Family Mediation Practice: Tools, Forms and Technology to Improve your Efficiency, Client Satisfaction and Bottom Line!

Click on these to review or print, using Adobe Acrobat’s free software. Some of these files are quite large (and will take some time to download). If you have only dial-up — and not high-speed internet access — or if you intend to download several of these, we highly recommend you follow the instructions below. (We suggest that you “right-click” and save files to your computer, before opening!)

You are welcome to use our non-website forms as you wish in your family mediation practice; our website content is shared as a concept and model only (and remains subject to our Copyright Notice as protected material).

# Form / Tool document (or website link)
Turbocharging Your Family Mediation Practice” workshop overview & presenters | mediators’ background
Securing Appointments
1 Website send-a-page
2 Website special “Client Resources| Link”
3 Website client welcome | appt confirmation page – by topic (Divorce With Children example)
4 Potential client Notes (phone notes form)
5 E-mail confirmation (with link to website’s Client Resources | Link)
6 Client database | merge tools screenshot (Office Accelerator®)
7 Advance deposit (with reference to website payment) Paypal®
8 Counsel to attend mediation (scheduling & fee arrangements confirmation letter)
9 Counsel to attend mediation (advance deposit colored special notice)
10 Intraoffice messaging & group calendaring (screenshot)
Initial Session
11 Client intake information
12 Attorney release
13 Third party’s presence (fiance)
14 Third party’s presence financial planner | consultant)
In Session & Large Panel Tools
15 Property division tool (spreadsheet format)
16 Thomson-West®’s FinPlan® (screenshot) DivorcePlanner®
17 Laptop to desktop synchronize – screenshot
18 After session digital dictation software (screenshot)
19 Mediated agreement memorialized by electronic recording
Document Preparation
20 File Structure (screenshot)
21 HotDocs® mediation practice templates library (screenshot) – document assembly
see Pythagoras® or Ghostfill® alternatives
22 Native format v. Adobe® restricted editing (screenshot)
23 Compressed hard drive index search tools screenshot (X1®)
Final Session
24 Covering letter with counsel
25 Court documents checklist
26 Verification of Mediated Property Division Table
27 Statement for services (Timeslips®)
28 Website client feedback
Security, Work from Home
Copyscape® – website copyright protection
iBackup® – online backup
GoToMyPC® – remote office access

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