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Evolution Of Our Divorce Mediation Process

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Colorado Divorce Law Updates

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Colorado Professional Mediators – Colorado Council Of Mediators Announces New Name

first posted on: 5/15/2004

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The Colorado Council of Mediators has adopted a new name for those mediators meeting its Recommended Guidelines for Mediator Education and Training.

Effective June 2004, the Colorado mediators’ organization changed the name of guidelines-qualified members from Guidelines Member to Professional Mediator, CCMO or Professional Mediator, Colorado Council of Mediators.

CCMO’s governing Board made the change to clarify that Colorado alternative dispute professionals undergoing the requisite training and practicum have a professional — as opposed to merely casual — commitment to mediation as a profession.

Colorado CCMO Guidelines-Qualified And Professional Mediators

Colorado law does not provide for formal certification of mediation practitioners. The Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO) and the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association developed the Recommended Guidelines for Mediator Education and Training, “to assist consumers, attorneys, judges, and other professionals in selecting” Colorado mediators.

CCMO’s Guidelines (and thus, the new Colorado “Professional Mediator” status) require:

  • A specified course of mediation training and education
  • A tenure of experience including oversight by an experienced mentor
  • Subscription to a recognized code of mediation ethics (see our articles on confidentiality in Colorado divorce mediation, Colorado mediators’ ethics codes and Colorado mediation model standards)
  • Active participation in continuing education in mediation process and in substantive areas of practice

CCMO has independently reviewed our mediators’ qualifications in this regard, and determined that they meet all these standards of excellence for Colorado mediators‘ training, education and experience. Both Larry and Chris have thus been recognized by CCMO as Professional Mediators.

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