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Colorado Divorce Law, Colorado Divorce Information & Colorado Mediation News

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Here, at “The Latest!,” you’ll find the latest news and information regarding Colorado divorce law and other Colorado divorce information or topics of interest to parties considering mediation of their Colorado divorce.

Recent Changes To Colorado Divorce Laws

See especially our articles on 2009 Colorado Divorce Law Filing Fees Increase, 2008 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws, the simplified and streamlined 2006 Sworn Financial Statement forms, and our feature on the major 2005 changes to Colorado divorce law, process and forms. We have also recently updated our Colorado child custody and visitation relocation law article.

We currently host 21 other articles on Colorado divorce law and related topics. Additionally, consider recent posts in our topical Colorado DivorcePoint! divorce law blog.

Colorado Mediation News

Learn about the new Colorado Mediation Association or “theMAC” in our article 2011 Colorado Mediators Organization Rebrands as the “Colorado Mediation Association!” (The old Colorado Council of Mediators — CCMO — is no more.)

Evolution Of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Finally, consider articles regarding changes at our office in 2006 (the substitution of old-style flip-charts with mediators’ client-side large LCD displays), in 2007 (additional new mediators’ technology and tools), and our plans for the future — as we continue to innovate our Colorado family and divorce mediation process.

Colorado Divorce Law Updates

Visit us again for new articles as the divorce laws of Colorado and federal and Colorado tax laws change.

Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation Mediators Present 2006 Workshops

first posted on: 7/21/2006

Larry And Chris Present At Local And National Conferences For Divorce Mediators, Family Law Paralegals And Family Mediation Graduate Classes

Larry and Chris (Divorce Resolutions, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation partners and mediators) have presented workshops and classes at a recent national conference of family and divorce mediators, a state continuing legal education program for Colorado family law paralegals, and served as the guest speaker at several local Denver university graduate program mediation classes.

2006 Spring and Summer presentations and workshop events include:

Regis University, Denver, Colorado School for Professional Studies (Graduate Program): Advanced Family Mediation Class (July 11, 2006, Denver and Westminster, Colorado)

Regis University logo - family mediation classes

We had the pleasure of meeting with two different classes of Professor Michael L. Spangle, Ph.D. (Dr. Spangle teaches Regis University courses in negotiation, mediation, facilitation, team communication and leadership and is the co-author of two alternative dispute resolution books, Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict, and Negotiation – Communication for Diverse Settings.)

At the first class, Larry spoke with Mike’s students at Regis University regarding how he became interested in the field of family mediation, common practical problems in overcoming impasse and the goals of mediation.

At the second class, Larry and Chris invited the students to our offices to learn more about the practical and technical aspects of the real-world of mediating divorce and family law cases in a private practice setting.

Colorado Family Law Practice For Paralegals, Colorado Continuing Legal Education (May 24, 2006, Denver, Colorado)

Half Moon Seminars log (hosting Colorado paralegals & mediation class)

Larry and Chris presented at a Denver, Colorado, continuing legal education program with HalfMoon Seminars: Colorado Family Law Practice for Paralegals.

Entitled “Assisting with Family Law Mediation,” much of the course materials (including special family law paralegal and family lawyer mediation preparation aides) now appear online on our website’s Resources for Divorce and Family Law Paralegals and Lawyers pages.

Association for Conflict Resolution, Family Section, National Mid-Year Conference (July 14, 2006, Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

national family mediators organization, ACR, Family Section, logo

Larry and Chris presented at the national mid-year gathering (“Making Waves, Breaking Barriers”) of the preeminent professional organization of family mediators, the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Family Section. Held at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the family and divorce mediator workshop focused on enhancing client satisfaction, and family mediation practice professionalism through the use of special tools and forms and innovative uses of technology.

Iowa certified mediator, Steve Sovern, J.D. (an attorney-trained mediator in private mediation practice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) was kind to review the workshop quite favorably: “As a professional mediator, I don’t ever recall getting as much useful information at a single mediation-related workshop!”

Also, see our “Spotlight” or other feature articles, where we discuss in detail other Colorado legal, procedural (including divorce law and family mediation) or parenting topics. Presently, we look in depth at:

An additional highly recommended resource for Colorado divorce law information is Colorado Springs, Colorado, family lawyer Carl Graham’s Colorado Divorce and Family Law Guide.

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